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This is the eighth Abnormals Underground book and the third book in Janine's Story.After narrowly escaping the ATC facility and discovering a shocking truth about her past, Janine's getting terrified of, well, everything. Not only is her mother about to find out she's a vampire, but Bathory is on the march, forcing the military to her side. Soon, she's going to march into the city and end Janine along with almost everyone else. And her new crush, Brendan, is still tricky to figure out. And the only hope of stopping her might be the man she just rescued, Richard Grimes, Head of the Abnormal Treatment Centers and supernatural-hater by default. But is he? It turns out Janine's former enemy is not as simple as he seems, but waking him will force Janine to face her deepest fears of not measuring up. Time is running out. Can Janine face the dark and save the City of Cumberland?The Abnormals Underground series is a young adult urban fantasy series suitable for ages 13 and up. While Books 6-8, Janine's Story, can be read alone, they would be best enjoyed after reading Books 1-5 of the series, beginning with Blood Magic.

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