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Reflects the latest developments of the largest mainframe system within IBM including the recent trend of moving to distributed systems in which a mainframe acts as a server connected to a number of PCs. Provides a comprehensive technical review of current models in the line as well as new ones to be added.

Perspective For Art Students En PDF Gratis Sin Registrarse

"Perspective for Art Students" presents the reader with a comprehensive and beginner-friendly introduction to perspective in drawing, being an overview of it's main...

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Cet ouvrage raconte l’histoire du cinéma, c’est-à-dire de l’art du vingtième siècle par excellence, écriture du mouvement, de la lumière et des ombres. Plutôt que d’opter...

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Comprising papers by such distinguished scholars as John Headley Brooke, James R. Moore, Ronald Numbers, and George Marsden, this collection shows that questions of science...

Getting Your Research Paper Published: A Surgical Perspective De Epub A Mobi

Written from the perspective of experienced surgeons and veteran researchers, this succinct, how-to manual provides readers with everything they need to prepare, publish, and...

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The EQ-5D instrument, as a standardized, cross-culturally validated measure of self-assessed health has a hugely important role in understanding population health within and...

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