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Presenting the rationale of clinical research methods, this text describes their application in the field of transfusion medicine. In addition, it provides the tools needed to understand and practice evidence-based medicine, as well as an objective assessment of the risks that are presently associated with blood transfusion. Readers do not need to possess a prior knowledge of statistics to understand the clinical research tools discussed or the application of these tools in transfusion medicine. The concepts and tools of epidemiology are presented with an example-based approach and the treatment of the methodological issues is conceptual. Current issues addressed include NAT and the Allogenic Blood Supply, transfusion-associated hepatitus C virus, the issue of Creutzfeld-Jakob disease and transfusion transmission, allogenic blood transfusion and postoperative infection and cancer recurrence, and the cost-effectiveness of preoperative autologous blood donation.

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An introduction to occlusion for dental students, focusing on its relevance to individual dental sub-specialties such as prosthodontics and orthodontics.

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This exciting new publication is the first authoritative resource on the market with an exclusive focus on Trigger Point dry needling (TrP). It provides a detailed and...

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EVERY emergency physician has been confronted with similar cases of suspected child abuse. However, recognition of child sexual abuse by professionals did not occur...

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Descargar Libros Formato Normal Childbirth: Evidence And Debate Como Bajar PDF Gratis

Normal childbirth should be the right of the majority: not a chosen few. With the increasing risk of litigation, there is often a move to err on the side of caution and...

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