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A dark and magical tale of a renegade dragon bent on revenge...Flight Moon is being hunted. Bleeding and exhausted, Flight Moon knows Shirr will eventually catch up to her. She's saved just enough strength for one last fight. She was once the prized dragon of Gorusk. Swift and fearless, she oversaw Shirr's army with deadly beauty. But a dragon is never subservient to a human, even if he is the banished king of the Black Waste. Over the human kingdom of Arnith, Flight Moon accidentally saves an infant girl. Barely two weeks old, Fornala is already condemned to death. A dragon and an infant girl, both outmatched with impossible odds, may find strength in each other. What should kill them both, only makes them stronger. Fire Born: Book One of the Flight Moon SeriesBook Two: Fate of Fire (to be released in 2017)Book Three: Converging FlamesBook Four: Wild FirePrequel to The Flight Moon Series: Brother BetrayedBook One: A Great JourneyBook Two: The Wars of Arnith

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Explores several aspects of the moon, including what it is made of, its phases, and its influence on the tides.

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The new American dream is to survive. Havoc Road: A World on Fire Book 2 Jackson's world is turned upside down by massive fires, darkness, and Russian invaders on American...

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