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Health professionals-physicians, psychiatrists, nurses, dentists, psychologists and pharmacists among others-have been immortalized on screen since the beginning of motion pictures and television. Over the years the representation of medical personnel has varied from heroes to villains, madmen to bumbling boobs, money grubbers to humanitarians, and compassionate samaritans to aloof snobs. Film reflects the range of characterization of health care workers and how the perception of health professionals by society has evolved over time. This comprehensive resource documents all significant appearances of health professionals on film or television. The book is organized into five sections. The first lists films and made-for-TV movies that feature health professionals as a major character. Each listing contains a full citation including a synopsis, cast list, and production and direction credits. The second section covers television series with similarly detailed entries, followed by a comprehensive bibliography, a subject index and a character index. With a list of abbreviations.

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