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Since the 2nd Edition there have been many changes. This is not merely in changes in units, such as in haematology with the transformation of haemoglobin from g/dL to g/L, but in its merging with biochemistry, blood transformation and immunology to form Blood Science. Accordingly, in this Edition, there are more details of immunology, immunological diseases, and the blood tests involved. A parallel series of changes has seen the growing responsibility of Nurses, Podiatrists and Physiotherapists. Many are now taking on new roles previously, these roles were undertaken by medical staff only, but it is now clear that appropriately trained professionals can be equipped to carry out these tasks. The objective of this book is to support and enable these professionals to be successful in their new roles. In recognising these roles, wherever possible, each chapter concludes with a brief case study. However, more complete case reports reflecting the different aspects of primary and secondary care are presented in the concluding chapters.

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