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Now that Cartaphilus has chosen to enter a long slumber, peace has finally returned to the little cottage west of London. But it's not long before a message arrives for Chise: an invitation to join the college, a society of alchemists. Deep beneath the British Library, the curtain rises on a new story set on a new stage. There, human children learn, think, and grow... but what of those who are inhuman?

Notes from the Mother of the Bride (M.O.B.) Ebook PDF

The Mother of the Bride's Essential GuideYou may be producing the largest party of your life, so here's the magic formula that allows you to remain sane and sensible, both...

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FREE EXTENDED PREVIEW Mercy Lytton, a scout with keen eyesight raised among the Mohawks, and Elias Dubois, a condemned traitor working both sides of the conflict, must join...

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"Describes history of mummies of ancient Egypt"--Provided by publisher.

The God Resheph In The Ancient Near East Ebook PDF

Resheph was quite a popular god in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC - especially in Syria - but during the 1st millennium his cult became extinct. Finally it was only maintained...

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Lament seems to have been universal in the ancient world. As such, it is an excellent touchstone for the comparative study of attitudes towards death and the afterlife, human...

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