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What If? What if you were studying for your Ph.D. in archaeology and somehow got trapped in first-century Jerusalem after a controversial physics experiment went horribly wrong? What if you knew from your history books that a kind and decent man was going to be murdered by the powers-that-be, all because of stupid politics? What if you could prevent the murder, but you knew it might endanger the person you loved most in the world? It’s A.D. 57 and Rivka Meyers desperately wants to go home, but her husband Ari is a physicist, and he says they’re stuck in the first century. He also says that the laws of physics say Rivka can’t change history. Rivka knows he’s wrong, and she’s going to prove it—by saving James the brother of Jesus from being murdered by the evil high priest. About The Book: Premonition is a time-travel suspense novel that mixes science, history, religion, romance, and adventure. It’s about becoming the person you were meant to be. It’s about learning to accept harsh reality when you’d really rather quit and go home. It’s about being a badass fighter for justice, even when you’re fresh out of easy answers to hard questions. Premonition won the 2004 Carol award for best Christian historical novel. Premonition will take you on a wretched, miserable, dangerous vacation through the filthy, bandit-ridden streets of first-century Jerusalem. Premonition is the second novel in the City of God series: Book 1: Transgression (A.D. 57) Book 2: Premonition (A.D. 57-62) Book 3: Retribution (A.D. 62-66) Excerpt Rivka stepped into the street. “Come here, little girl. I’ll help you.” Fear twisted the girl’s face. She backed away. “Imma!” Rivka followed her. “I won’t hurt you! I’ll help you find your Imma.” The child backed up further, stepping into the shadows of the narrow street. Rivka hurried forward. “I won’t hurt—” A shadow lunged toward her. Rivka screamed, spun, stumbled. Her oil lamp flew against the wall, broke into a thousand shards. The shadow fused into a grubby, bearded man with a very dirty face. Strong hands pinned her arms to her sides. “Get away from me!” Rivka kicked furiously. “Ari! Help! Baruch!” She twisted her head, trying to butt the man. Several men emerged from the shadows and surrounded her. Strong hands grabbed her hair and yanked back, stretching her neck painfully. A cold metal blade pressed against her throat. Click the book cover in the upper left corner to read more.

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