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"They say a tiger don’t lose its stripes, and a leopard don’t change its spots, but I reckon even a snake sheds it's old skin, even a sinner can seek redemption." Do you believe this to be true? For Kee, she’s unsure if a sinner can seek redemption, and she refuses to put herself in the predicament to be hurt again. Meet, Kee and Ash… best-friends that became lovers. Only when they are faced with all kinds of situations and disappointments, will their bond be enough to weather the storm? After Kee invested years into her friendship and relationship with Ash, he betrays her in the worst way possible and she’s left to pick up the pieces… only realizing that it’s more to pick up than she bargained for. Faced with one dilemma after the other, she has to decide what’s best for her… and what’s best for her may not be what’s best for Ash. Ash thought he had his secrets swept under the rug, but after a phone call to Kee reveals it all, he’s left trying not to lose the one person in the world who means the most to him. With his secret constantly disrupting his life, and Kee’s too, he has to figure out how to fix it without causing more of an issue. But when he finds out that one night of fun led to something much more, what will he do?

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―また、恋がしたくなる。―詩集『恋していたい』あなたには、今でも忘れられない人がいますか?あの時、あの場所で出会い、共に過ごした記憶。一緒に笑い、一緒に涙し、手を繋いで歩いた日々。あなたの「恋の記憶」が蘇ります。【著者プロフィール】まるいさん。(まるいはんてん。)1969年生まれ 男性 大阪府在住

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