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“Musings of the World’s Fool” is a work of Biblical thoughts on various subjects penned in a pondering manner. If we all took the time to meditate or “chew” on the thoughts presented to us by the Word of God, perhaps we may apply them to our lives. The musings were something to be recorded for others to reflect upon. Once they are reflected on, the challenge is made to create musings of your own for others. Only in that manner would can we connect as a Body in Him with a continual musing on the things of God thereby creating many Selah moments…Ernest T. Davis II resides on the eastern coast of the United States. His desire is that of a servant and son. The coveted position that he sees is one of a son and ultimately the son of God being a joint-heir with Christ. Pondering the thoughts of the Word of God, “Musings of the World’s Fool” was penned as just a few thoughts and musings. Once told that he was a fool for believing in God, he returned the thought that a fool thinks that we don’t have a God. His musings will continue until he is called to Him as they should continue in us all. Selah…

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