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American Sign Language interpreter Jane Ciardi’s life changes when she takes a job from a Cleveland private detective and agrees to keep tabs on a deaf African-American teenager whose odd behavior alarms her wealthy father. Jane also needs to discover the truth behind two murders—including the murder of the first interpreter the detective hired.To get closer to the teenager, Jane joins a fitness center owned by a family that brings new meaning to the word “dysfunctional.” The more Jane learns about the center, the more she suspects some people go there to get more than a workout. Somehow, she realizes, the fitness center’s secrets are connected to the two murders and to the deaf teenager’s odd behavior. Jane’s struggle to unravel all the secrets tests her resourcefulness, her loyalties, and her courage—but will that be enough to save her life?

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Dr. Waldman is a talent of amazing prowess; his collection of short stories is nothing short of an epic journey.

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