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Fans of Bad Kitty, Wimpy Kid, and Fly Guy will love this brand new graphic novel chapter books series!Meet Mr. Pants! It’s the last day of summer, which means the last chance for fun, and he really, really wants to play laser tag. But his sisters have other ideas—the Fairy Princess Dream Factory? Gah! Good thing Mr. Pants knows how to get what he wants—and have a blast doing it.

Once Upon a Time in The Sky En PDF Gratis Sin Registrarse

This book completes a trilogy encompassing the years 1970 to 2004, the two previous efforts being So You Want To Learn To Fly, Son? and Any Road Up. All are written with a...

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On this busy little farm, day begins with a loud crow at sunup, and then there are flapjacks to be flipped, cows to be milked, piggies to feed . . . and in the blink of an...

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In The Time Machine by H. G. Wells - a hugely influential, groundbreaking work of science fiction - a brilliant scientist constructs a machine, which, with the pull of a...

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Inspired by his students, Dr. K. rejoins the battle of ideas, after many years of self-imposed professional exile. They take action after hearing his revolutionary theory of...

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In a not too distant future, in a world where lawlessness reigns and no one looks for missing children 11 year old Tag is running for his life. He's stolen something, he's...

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Covers time, space, measurement, the structure of the universe, the theory of relativity, black holes, quantum mechanics, and string theory.

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