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Written for an introductory-level student audience, Kolb and Whishaw's completely new text explores the biological basis of behavior, communicating the excitement of the tremendous advances in the field over the past decade. Drawing on their extensive teaching and research experiences, the authors organize their text around the key questions that intrigue brain researchers and students (i.e. Why do we have a brain? How is the brain organized?). A strong focus on clinical issues, innovative art, and a superior media and print supplements package further help to make the text supremely accessible and engaging.

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After an obstacle-filled childhood and school years, Dr. Carson discovered these eight principles to help you overcome obstacles as you work toward achieving your...

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Human beings are primates, and primates are political animals. Our brains, therefore, are designed not just to hunt and gather, but also to help us get ahead socially, often...

Brain Movies: The Original Teleplays Of Harlan Ellison: Volume 6 Epub O Mobi

Like Odysseus to the sirens’ song, Harlan Ellison—that hero of many a myth—was pulled time and again to television, that femme fatale of storytelling mediums that offered up...

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The Buddha and other great teachers were born with brains built essentially like anyone else’s—and then they changed their brains in ways thatchanged the world.Science is now...

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Law is at the heart of every society, protecting rights, imposing duties, and establishing a framework for the conduct of almost all social, political, and economic activity....

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