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A tale of the loss and gain of Princess Georgianna's hair.

The Frog Princess (Tales of the Frog Princess) Ebook Gratis Epub

Princess Emeralda isn't exactly an ideal princess. Her laugh sounds like a donkey's bray rather than tinkling bells, she trips over her own feet more often than she...

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Based on the real-life experiences of an expert in the field, an immersive, accessible guide to a career in hairstyling brought to life by acclaimed writer Kate...

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KenKay, Hair I Am by Kandra Ferguson, is a story about a beautiful little girl named KenKay who is uncomfortable with her natural hair. Often teased by classmates because of...

Rapunzel Lets Her Hair Down Formato PDF Kindle

Rapunzel is sick of living at the palace and sick of her long hair. But the prince loves living in the palace and loves Rapunzel’s long locks. Unless Rapunzel can find a way...

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A novel of heart and courage inspired by the incredible story of a real-life princess and the foal she loves.Princess Haya, daughter of the King of Jordan, loves her family...

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A little girl learns about using the toilet for the first time, in a book with helpful hints for parents on toilet training.

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