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Alise has uncovered a web of family secrets reading her mother’s journals that connect to the lives of those closest to her. Now she has to contend with her new career as Director of Global Charity at TG and the irresistible Tyler Moore, while harboring secrets of her own. Tyler Moore is new in town and wants to make his mark on the world as the new Director of Marketing at TG, but at the same time he wants Alise Addison with a passion he’s never known. Tyler becomes engrossed in Alise’s life as an old flame from her mother’s past returns to exact revenge, while also harboring a secret that threatens a relationship between them. Together Alise and Tyler are about to discover that every family has their secrets and some family secrets should stay hidden. Excerpt:My Secrets: Book Two in The Secret Series “You’ve known about this for weeks! Alise, I trusted you and you lied to me! What else are you keeping from me?” He really didn’t want me to answer that question because it was a truckload of secrets. “As a matter of fact you know what don’t answer that! You were right. Your just like your mother!”

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