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CASTLE HILLDetective and fantastic storiesTable of contents:Book - 1...- page.2.Andrew's DescentBook - 2...- page.41.Mysterious strangerBook - 3...- page. 83.Stories:1). PATROKLUS - page. 83.2). THE KIDNAPPERS - page. 91.3). REINCARNATION - page. 96.4). EXPERIMENT - page. 102.5). GOLD - page.104.6). POET - page. 107.7). Helen - page. 111.8). MOUNTAINS - page. 116.9). THE CASE OF IN THE FOREST - page. 120.10). INTERN - page. 122.11). MEETING - page. 125.12). ALARM CLOCK стрpage.139.13). TICKET - page. 140.14). FOR TEA - page. 144.Book - 4...- page.147.Detectivestories - 1.:1). DIAMONDS - page. 147.2). RING - page. 152.3). BURIED TREASURE - page. 160.4). THIRST FOR MONEY - page. 164.5). GHOST - page. 168.6) DIAMOND "Elena" - page. 175. Book - 5...- page. 185..Detective stories - 2.: 1). CASINO - page. 185.2). SISTEM - page. 196.3). SAFE - page. 199.4). THE ESCAPE - page. 207.5). TOUR TO CZECH REPUBLIC - page. 215.6). FRAUD - page. 226. This story took place in 1981. On September 30, Wednesday, at exactly 11.00 on the Castle Hill in Kiev. I am a long time did not dare to publish the text because of improper understanding, in connection with the universal rejection of such incidents in the community. "Author's Note".Book - 1Andrew's DescentChapter First Street Andrew's Descent in Kiev, famous for the works of Bulgakov. Here, in his house at Andrew's descent, now a museum of the writer, he started writing his famous-make of "The Master and Margarita", full of wonder and adventure. It is no accident the writer inspired lo mystical location street. At the beginning of Andrew's descent is St. Andrew's Church, then, just below the towering Gothic building, "Castle of Richard - the Leonhard", storing a set of mysterious rumors about any devilry that roam there at night. This explains the fact that this structure is a Gothic castle did not manage to restore. That suddenly burned wiring, the collapse of the plaster, and even glass, glazed windows for no apparent reason suddenly fly apart into small pieces. On the opposite side of it, just below the visible steps stout wide wooden staircase specially built for tourists. This pedestrian staircase leads to the equally famous the Castle hill. According to the legend in this mountain castle was the residence of the Prince, ruling Ancient Russ in the time of the Mongol invasion. If you climb the stairs, then gaze from this mountain offers a magnificent view of the Dnieper, Kiev. Hence it is clearly visible from the height of St. Andrew's Church and the Gothic House, which overlooks the St. Andrew's descent, like the ghost of medieval architecture. Sunday was a lovely day in May. My wife and I have been married for Lilichka six months, and this spring day ran away from home for a walk through the hassle of favorite places in the city. This time, the purpose of our walk was the Castle Hill. Climbing the stairs, we came to a clearing in front of the old park. My attention was caught by a tree with an unusual crown. Equal covered with black bark trunk without branches and twigs up to two branches, reground from the trunk at the same level and on the opposite sides. The thickness of the branches is equal to the thickness of the tree trunk.

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