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Grade 9 and up: The Seer of The Triputi Prophecy has been rescued, and Asha and her friends have survived against all odds. But a new warning of death and destruction soon brings the devastating task ahead of them back into grim focus.The Asura have gathered their forces. The entire realm stands on the brink of annihilation as the fabric between The Fourteen worlds continues to fray.The fate of Satya lies in the hands of an innocent Seer, a destroyed Witch, and a civilian computer hacker.Now, with the threat of unthinkable decimation creeping ever closer, can Asha learn to accept the things that even her Talents can’t control? Will Lexi find a way to change her destiny?Can death itself be cheated, if we have the courage to stand against the darkness?

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Jimmy the little bunny goes to the beach with his family. There he learns about the importance of helping others. When Jimmy’s sandcastle is destroyed by the wave, they work...

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Books contain countless tales—but what if Book told its own story? From clay tablets to e-readers, here is a quirky, kid-friendly look at the book.Books are one of...

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Feast your eyes on the most briliant bling from around the world in this opulent opus, celebrating irridescent animals, things that glitter and glow, a wealth of shiny...

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