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"Tickle Time!" is the twelfth in Boynton's astoundingly successful "Boynton on Board" series. Based on the wildly popular song from Boynton's wildly popular "Rhinoceros Tap" CD, "Tickle Time!" is pure irrepressible Boynton, lively in tempo, nimble in rhyme, and filled with irresistible fuzzy cats that cavort from page to page. Plus a few birds, who aren't the cavorting type. Here's a book to turn to again and again, because it's guaranteed to elicit giggles: If you're feeling blue and you don't know what to do there is nothing like a "Tickle Time" to make you feel like new. Whether you tickle high or tickle low, tickle fast or tickle slow, it's the gitchy-gitchy-goo that makes everything worthwhile.

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Fans of Bad Kitty, Wimpy Kid, and Fly Guy will love this brand new graphic novel chapter books series!Meet Mr. Pants! It’s the last day of summer, which means the last chance...

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In a not too distant future, in a world where lawlessness reigns and no one looks for missing children 11 year old Tag is running for his life. He's stolen something, he's...

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What we call modern physics says something entirely new about the world and how it behaves. For many years, these theories have been accepted as the most accurate...

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Reading Glenn Forbes Miller’s poetry shows him to be as versatile a poet as he is a writer of prose, as demonstrated by his two travel books, Dreaming Kathmandu and Dancing...

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