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Aquí puedes descargar el libro Successful Writer's Handbook, The, de forma gratuita y sin registro. La presencia de una gran cantidad de formatos compatibles le permitirá leer el libro en cualquier dispositivo. El formato de audio le permite familiarizarse con el contenido de la carretera o hacer otras cosas.

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For courses in First-Year Composition. Bestselling authors Kathleen McWhorter and Jane Aaron have joined forces to create The Successful Writer's Handboo k – a tabbed, spiral-bound handbook with exercises for first-year composition students that will give them the writing, reading, and study skills they need to succeed in college and in their writing courses.   The handbook opens with a practical, down-to-earth discussion of study skills, time management, reading strategies, and critical thinking – the essentials for good academic work and excellent papers.  McWhorter and Aaron reach out to all students who may not already possess a strong foundation for doing college-level work to help them become successful members of the college community.

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As education in the United States becomes more complex to provide for increasingly diverse students, it is extremely challenging to develop, recruit, and hire administrators...

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For Florida Power and Light, Hewlett-Packard, and Texas Instruments, policy deployment has created a critical bridge between corporate goals and their company-wide...

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THE GRIPPING DEBUT NOVEL FROM THE CREATOR AND WRITER OF HIT TV SHOW THE KILLING_____________ October, Copenhagen. The police make a terrible discovery - a...

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In any creative endeavour, craft by itself is simply not enough. Designed not just to awaken creativity, but to teach the writer the process of being creative within the...

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Legacy Byrne is hunting a killer who may have clues about her father's death...and so are the New York cops, looking to stop an explosive manuscript that could blow the top...

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