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This book provides an ideal introduction to the physics of biopolymers. The structure, dynamics, and properties of biopolymers subjected to various forms of confinement are covered, and special attention is paid to the effect of charge and electrostatic screening (polyelectrolyte effect). By focusing on the development of physical intuition rather than mathematical rigor, readers will be better prepared to address complicated, real issues in the life sciences or related fields such as material or food sciences. The book is designed to serve as a bridge between undergraduate textbooks in physical (bio)chemistry and the professional literature, and is thus especially suitable for advanced undergraduate or postgraduate students and professionals who have already acquired basic knowledge of physics, thermodynamics, and molecular biology.

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This college-prep physics course is designed for the student who has completed algebra and has had an introduction to the definitions of sine, cosine, and tangent. It...

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Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Institute on Physics of the Solar Corona, held in Cavouri-Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, 6-17 September 1970

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Reloaded version of the 2nd Edition Physics war machine. The text is programed to combat enemy threats from a variety of multiple choice topics including plain film...

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