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The world’s affordable food crisis is not going to go away. All the trends show that none of them will abate and shortages will escalate as the population growth dramatically increases. A child dies every five seconds through malnourishment and nearly a billion people go to bed hungry in the world.A statement made with tongue in cheek says that the poor can’t sleep because they are hungry and the rich can’t sleep because they know the poor are hungry. Well, if more people become hungry and the hungry get hungrier, the chance they become militant is very high, then the rich won’t be able to sleep because anarchy could reign and they could lose everything. The likeliness of this happening in less stable countries is high and we need to take cognisance of this possibility. Therefore this pressing issue must be given pre-eminence at the highest levels of the world and government. Despite the sceptics there are practical pragmatic and cost effective solutions that can be implemented in commercial farming, rural farming and urban farming. This includes grain crops, vegetable crops, citrus crops, legume crops and animal husbandry enterprises. The solutions, detailed in Part II, are based on the concept of inherent simplicity and the theory of constraints, as applied to a holistic approach to biological farming (farming nature’s way).This book has not been written as an academic paper whereby research has got to be undertaken and the proof of concept has got to be verified. It has been written with a practical and pragmatic approach, blending the different technologies and processes which have already been proven in practice and are completely scalable, because they are all based on scientific first principles and commonsense.Work is still required to customise these processes within each environment and each particular culture and its values. This has not been written for farmers as the main target audience but primarily to leaders who need to drive these initiatives in order to eradicate this terrible, diabolic situation with all its negative connotations.

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