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Examines the issue of bullying and how it can be prevented, highlighting gossip, antibullying legislation, and how bullies are created.

Cyber Bullying Epub Libre

A series that explores a range of bullying behaviors at the forefront of parental, educational and societal concern, and encourages kids to take a stand against bullying of...

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A guide to "computer-hostile" techniques aimed at helping the reader improve his or her results against chess-playing machines. Grandmaster Raymond Keene presents Thames...

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Over the summer, Rebecca learned that those who she thought were her friends really weren't at all. Summer is ending and the new school year is starting. Rebecca isn't as...

Being Different: Courage in Overcoming Bullying and Speech Difficulties PDF A Mobi

YES, SOMETIMES YOU CAN BE VICTORIOUS OVER BULLYING!Being Different follows Trudy through her three years of middle school. She is faced with serious speech difficulties, and...

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El acoso, de cualquier tipo, es un nefasto mecanismo de agresión que viene acompañando a la humanidad desde tiempos ignotos; sin embargo, en los últimos años se le ha...

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