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If you are looking for a place to write your thoughts, then here are 100 pages, each with a wildlife picture and plenty of space to write. Wildlife in this journal: a lynx spider, katydid, common blue damselfly, house fly, western fence lizard, painted lady butterfly, robber fly, garden snail, green darner dragonfly, stink bug, Japanese beetle, millipede, pill bug (roly-poly), millipede, black carpenter ant, yellow jacket wasp, orchard spider, blue jay, whiptail lizard, grasshopper, assassin bug, wolf spider, praying mantis, wren, tarantula, millipede, Johnson jumping spider, mallard duck, ironclad beetle, western towhee, horse fly, goldenrod crab spider, black beetle, squirrel, caterpillar, spiderling, a hare, grasshopper, squirrel, mouse, slug, beetle, wasp, crab spider, earwig (pincher bug), bee mimic fly, hummingbird, honeybee, cactus bug, aphids and their ant guardian, banana spider, damselfly, wolf spider and her spiderlings, robber fly, box elder bug, orb weaver spider, jumping spider, bull frog, duck and ducklings, mourning dove, painted lady butterfly, spiny-backed orb weaver, monarch butterfly, mallard, western whiptail lizard, king snake, green lynx spider, fly, sparrow, western tiger swallowtail butterfly, mourning cloak caterpillar, crane fly, ladybug, tent caterpillars, honeybee, funnel web spider, water strider, dragonfly, monarch butterfly, daddy longlegs, and a western diamondback rattlesnake.

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Recueil plac├ę avant tout sous le signe de l'humour. J'ai essay├ę, autant ce faire que peu, de garder quand m├¬me au fil de mes p├ęr├ęgrinations litt├ęraires une notion po├ętique;...

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