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The participants edition is a companion book to the bestselling Latanya: A Story of Gangs, Girls and Guns. The participant's edition provides questions and places for participants to provide answers. The book can be used with a group or independently. The story is about Latanya, a newly released ex-convict, hustler, and former gang banger. She was a teenage, single parent who enjoyed the fast life until she “caught” one too many charges. The story of Latanya looks at gang violence from the perspective of women; the sisters, girlfriends and mothers of gang members. The workbook provides numerous situations young women face and is designed to help facilitate discussions among participants between the ages of 12 – 24 on topics that are very real for young females in urban environments. The book takes scenarios from the Latanya story and provides questions for group or individual discussions. The discussion questions cover such topics as domestic violence, “snitching”, various types of criminal activity and the corresponding legal consequences, grief and trauma, among others. The goal is through guided discussion to help young women critically evaluate their own beliefs, increase their awareness and understanding of important issues and where to go for help. The hope is with such understanding they make better choices for their development and future success.The participants guide provides spaces for those in the group to write their answers to the various questions either alone or working as a group. If they are working through it alone, it is hoped they can discuss their answers with a trusted, responsible adult and mentor. The book can be used with females in community centers and other types of groups settings as well as for those who are in various types of incarceration.

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