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This is first book in the world that imparts knowledge of Mallakhamb. This book lays out foundation for training and Mallakhamb skill levels. This book provide a basis by which Mallakhamb athletes can be grouped in various skill levels. This group acts as guideline for competitors and coaches in preparing at various levels.Mallakhamb skills are elaborated in five broad categories. Mounts are used as first skills in a routine, these are skills used to get on the apparatus. Balances are used for skills in the routine where static hold positions are required which demonstrate strength, agility and flexibility. Interceptions are used to get off the Balances to throw, propel, and / or drop off and catch Mallakhamb using either hands and / or legs. Acrobatic Elements are difficult movements to combine multiple skills together.Dismounts skills used to get off of the Mallakhamb.

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