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'An enriching, uplifting and thought-provoking book' Echoes of the Soul is a collection of sensitively-written reflections about our journey through life, and Soul’s journey through us. The arrangement and flow of the 101 selections contained within this book mirror these two simultaneous journeys through life, from birth to death. These selections have a relevancy that is both immediate and eternal. They remind us that we are all in life together — that our journeys are the same yet unique. Echoes of the Soul is told in a poetic style that speaks to hearts about the human condition. It is about our quest to find meaning and happiness in life and offers a way to see Soul’s journey through the eyes of Hope and Love. The writings in this book invite the quest for greater self-awareness, touch on the mystery of Death, and on the yearning to merge with Spirit. They point to the purpose of Soul, and to the power and beauty of Love. The early selections are about growing up, the quest to know oneself, and our search for meaning in life. Other selections are about acceptance, gratitude, the joy of living in the moment, and of Soul’s growth into its Awakening. The book is beautifully illustrated with more than 50 nature and landscape photographs taken by the author. They were selected to complement the writings and offer a little of the mysteriousness and beauty that can be seen in the ordinary. "The light of the Soul expresses the good, the beautiful, and the true. This light shines through 'Echoes of the Soul'". Louise Arnold There are 10 Sections. The Section headings are: 1. To Be Seen Just as I Stand 2. I Sense Something Deeper 3. I Have Chased After Wisdom 4. Show Me How to Give 5. I Feel You Within Me 6. Whisperings of the Heart 7. Guide Me to That Place 8. Breathe Me In 9. Echoes of the Soul 10. I Hear My Soul Calling

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Echoes Of The Soul: Reflections On Life's Inner Journey Gratis Epub

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