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"A must-read for music fans everywhere" - MusicisumWhy do rock stars like Kurt Cobain, Chris Cornell, and Chester Bennington kill themselves? Why do superstars fall apart? And why have millions failed to make it in the first place?Using a groundbreaking mix of psychology and music industry insights, this book explains all the issues that bands and artists have to deal with as they build and try to sustain a career in the music business. It separates the path walked by every creative musician into the following series of hurdles, and breaks down every factor that makes the difference between success and failure, in an extremely detailed yet accessible style:Hurdle 1: Getting Good (Page 9)The vast majority of people who pick up a musical instrument will put it down again in a matter of days, weeks, or months. This can cause bands to break up before they even exist. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way.Hurdle 2: Beyond The Bedroom (Page 32)Too many talented and skilled musicians fall victim to the sense of inertia inflicted by a toxic combination of shyness and loneliness. In order to move forward, musicians need to put themselves out there – but that can be easier said than done. There’s also more to the story of introverts and extroverts than a pair of two-dimensional caricatures.Hurdle 3: Becoming Acquainted (Page 56)Time to rock ‘n’ roll! With a life of musical isolation skillfully avoided, the world of band-based music opens up before us. How do we attract the perfect partners in crime – and avoid the mistakes that can send an aspiring musician back to the drawing board?Hurdle 4: Getting Connected (Page 86)Social and relationship issues are part of everyday life in music – and rock’s long and storied history is packed with bands who fell apart at some point. One of psychology’s most respected concepts – which evolved in parallel with rock itself – offers vital insights into why even the most thrilling icons in history fell from grace.Hurdle 5: Meeting The Business (Page 136)It’s impossible to really understand life in music without understanding the business behind it all. At this point, we dive into the history of the record industry, discover how the humble CD changed everything, and also encounter the most dangerous people in the world.Hurdle 6: Scaling The Summit (Page 177)Having cleared every hurdle so far, bands start dropping like flies as they face a new series of cold, harsh truths. Only a tiny fraction will make it through to the final round.Hurdle 7: Immortality (Pages 271-322)Even after bands “make it”, the pressure continues to intensify. Success comes with its own set of problems – and many of music’s most famous legends have been overwhelmed by them. By looking back at everything we’ve overcome to get to this point, we can finally understand why even superstars can find themselves afflicted by depression, drug addiction, and the desire for death.Forget everything you thought you knew about life in music. This is how it really works.

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