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Aerospace science and technology have made remarkable progress in the last century. Although a few publications have been written on this topic, most are inadequate in elucidating the various advanced technologies developed in recent years. For this reason, publishing a book in which prominent researchers elaborate and discuss their research efforts in conjunction with other efforts seems logical. In this book, the most accurate and current materials were gathered, reviewed, and presented by an exceptional group of experts. This book presents state-of-the-art, current developments and applications in aerospace. This is an edited book composed of the following chapters: Aeroelasticity: An Overview; Nanocomposites in Aerospace Structure; Fire Structural Behavior of Aerospace Composites; Implementation of Biofuel in Aircraft Engines; Aircraft Mission Profile Analysis and Trajectory Optimization; Controller Design for a Hybrid UAV; Magnetic Attitude Control of a Small Satellite; CubeSat Technology in Satellite Development; Ionosphere Perturbation Modeling in an Equatorial Region through Electromagnetic Wave Propagation; Computer Simulation of Membrane Airfoil with Fluid/Structure Interaction.

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