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[Updated to version 1.3 on 30 Jan, 2012 with new Cover and text alignment]King Arthur is dead. And with Merlin missing - Camelot and Bretunia are easy pickings for the powerful Queen Morgana. Can a knight, wizard, makidon and galan turn the tide of war? Why did Crown Prince Uriel run away from Camelot? The Camelot Prophecies predict a time when the fabled Armor of Light will once again deliver fair Camelot. But are these the ones who will quest and obtain the legendary Articles? Have an advanced peek at the first 4 quests which are to come (in Artifacts I/II: The Camelot Prophecies) series here now!As for you, life as a Tactician-in-training is tough. But tougher yet is the inner torment that cannot be spoken of. You are months away from being appointed as a Tactician under the orders of Castle Camelot. Like you, your comrades are preparing for the appointed day where the Test will reveal all. Yet – rumors from Camelot speak gravely about the impending war with Queen Morgana. Except it will not be a war – it will be a massacre. Without the Knights of the Round Table and Merlin, what chance does King Constantine have? And now this – Prince Uriel Loron has abandoned Camelot itself? Something is amiss – and you are determined to find out the truth. But never would you have imagined your actions are about to get entwined with the prince, and the new heroes of Bretunia.Also by Lady Antiva:Knighthood: The Camelot Prophecies Vol 1 Dragonlord: The Camelot Prophecies Vol 2Mercenaries: The Camelot Prophecies Vol 3Guildmaster: The Camelot Prophecies Vol 4 Artifacts: Armor of Light Quest #2Artifacts II: Armor of Light Quest #3Shard of Galahad: Armor of Light Quest #4TACTICS ANTHEM: The First Book of Lore [Paperback]Knights & Mages: The Bretunian Tactics [Kindle]Tactician & Camelot Compendium [Kindle]Swamp of Nightwatch: Camelot’s Armor of Light Part I(Graphic Novelette on Amazon Kindle)

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