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Xirena's life has never been an easy one. Deemed a thief, a brute, and a slut by one's own family and schoolmates might have its toll on your average fifteen-year-old, but this Chinese ice-queen is making no apologies. Then she meets seventeen-year-old Kai, smoking hot and hell-bent on seducing her. Quite the ladies' man. But Xirena isn't having it. Kai must prove to her that his attraction is something more than arm candy. His radiant love lights me one minute, only to strike grief the next. He has no clue what he's getting into. He thinks he can lend me the fire, but when it melts the glacier, the flame will die out and he'll be trapped in a world beyond the bitter cold. And then it will be too late for him to run. For I know-and only I know-there isn't just ice running through my veins, but something dangerous lurking beneath. Something that should never be set free.

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โ€•ใพใŸใ€ๆ‹ใŒใ—ใŸใใชใ‚‹ใ€‚โ€•่ฉฉ้›†ใ€Žๆ‹ใ—ใฆใ„ใŸใ„ใ€ใ‚ใชใŸใซใฏใ€ไปŠใงใ‚‚ๅฟ˜ใ‚Œใ‚‰ใ‚Œใชใ„ไบบใŒใ„ใพใ™ใ‹๏ผŸใ‚ใฎๆ™‚ใ€ใ‚ใฎๅ ดๆ‰€ใงๅ‡บไผšใ„ใ€ๅ…ฑใซ้Žใ”ใ—ใŸ่จ˜ๆ†ถใ€‚ไธ€็ท’ใซ็ฌ‘ใ„ใ€ไธ€็ท’ใซๆถ™ใ—ใ€ๆ‰‹ใ‚’็น‹ใ„ใงๆญฉใ„ใŸๆ—ฅใ€…ใ€‚ใ‚ใชใŸใฎใ€Œๆ‹ใฎ่จ˜ๆ†ถใ€ใŒ่˜‡ใ‚Šใพใ™ใ€‚ใ€่‘—่€…ใƒ—ใƒญใƒ•ใ‚ฃใƒผใƒซใ€‘ใพใ‚‹ใ„ใ•ใ‚“ใ€‚๏ผˆใพใ‚‹ใ„ใฏใ‚“ใฆใ‚“ใ€‚๏ผ‰๏ผ‘๏ผ™๏ผ–๏ผ™ๅนด็”Ÿใพใ‚Œใ€€็”ทๆ€งใ€€ๅคง้˜ชๅบœๅœจไฝ

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A powerful issue-driven YA novel tackling eating disorders and the pressures social media puts on contemporary teens from the bestselling author of the Blue Bloods and Disney...

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WHO DO YOU LOVE? ย  One question, a split-second decision, and Brian Darby lies dead on the kitchen floor. His wife, state police trooper Tessa Leoni, claims to have shot him...

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Digital Sheet Music of I Think I'm In Love With YouComposed by: Dan Shea;John Cougar Mellencamp;Mark C. RooneyPerformed by: Jessica Simpson

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In this book Love Robougty wants you to learn the ABC's with him and his animal friends!

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