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Chesterton describes his understanding of the words Orthodox and Heretic as they apply to, and have changed in, the modern period. Chesterton argues that in modernity, the word orthodoxy not only no longer means being right; it practically means being wrong. He continues to write that society no longer tolerates a man's life philosophy or religion, yet is increasingly absorbed in art for art’s sake.

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Christianity is tolerant, Islam is not. Islam is an inherently violent, ossified religion which can never come to terms with the Enlightenment. How right or wrong are these...

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In the essays collected here, John C. H. Wu illustrates with striking originality the harmonious synthesis of Chinese humanism (especially the wisdom of the ancient sages)...

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Original catalogue to the Paris exhibition and now a core part of the blockbuster retrospective at the V&A.2017 marks the 70th anniversary of the House of Dior. It was in...

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Practical Revelation: This brief study will serve the reader with a practical basis for embracing all that Christ is and what is the Believer's possession in Christ. The 21st...

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