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Specific Skills Series for Reading (Middle Set) The Specific Skills Series for Reading Primary Set targets grades one to three on nine key comprehension skills. The sixth edition of Specific Skills Series for Reading maintains the quality and focus that has distinguished this program for more than 40 years. It varies in content and contains both fiction and nonfiction. Using relevant subject material, the new contemporary look appeals to readers of all ages and the topics are designed to stimulate and motivate the interest of students. Nine Key Comprehension Skills: 1. Identifying Cause and Effect Identifying Cause and Effect requires students to analyse information and determine the effect. It varies in content and contains both fiction and nonfiction stories that will stretch the imagination and create interest in new areas. 2. Comparing and Contrasting Comparing and Contrasting helps students practise identifying similarities and differences through stories and pictures. It teaches students to pay attention to detail and then organise the information accordingly. 3. Drawing Conclusions Drawing Conclusions develops one of the most important interpretative skills by presenting students with the most logical answer through the information provided. 4. Identifying Fact and Opinion Identifying Fact and Opinion helps students develop the important skill of understanding and recognizing the difference between facts and opinion through the analysis of information to determine whether it can be researched and proved or if it is a feeling or belief. 5. Finding Details Finding Details helps students develop skills in recalling details from a single reading by taking as much in as possible. The material is structured so the story is one side and the questions on the reverse so there is no ā€˜looking backā€™ for the answer. 6. Getting the Main Idea Getting the Main Idea is designed to assist students in grasping the central thought of a short passage through the use of key question words, topic words, place clues, space clues, turnabout clues and general and specific ideas. This skill is one of the most important of all the major skills so it must be developed from the earliest stages. 7. Making Inferences Making Inferences is devised to develop one of the most difficult interpretative skills-arriving at a probable conclusion from limited information. It requires students to 'read between the lines' and utilise their previously acquired knowledge and past experiences in order to fully comprehend the question. 8. Sequencing Sequencing establishes the important ability to determine time relationships-the order in which things happen. Proficiency in this skill is necessary in both academic and non-academic readings, from narration to process explanation. 9. Using Phonics Using Phonics helps students put sounds and other word elements to work to determine word meaning. The elementary booklets focus on phonic elements such as consonant sounds, consonant substitutions, blends, phonograms and vowel sounds. This flexible series can be used in a variety of situations including Self Directed, Small Group, One-on-one and Whole Class learning situations What is included? 27 skill books (9 per grade) 1 Teacherā€™s Manual 1 Assessment book 1 Assessment CD 1 Sturdy display carton with room for extra starter sets

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