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Bettas Fish ### Rules of Action ###1. Details of the bite thoroughly, such as species, color, age, as well as the details of the bidders must be clear both the name and telephone number can be contacted.2. From Friday, ** Nov 14, 2557 ** Onwards, the price of the auction starts, I beg to start 99 baht not more than 500 baht to raise the price of our brothers to standards. To not have any advantage or disadvantage. "There will be no cut in any case."3. In the case of bad conduct, wrongdoing, or corruption. We will ask for the cause and effect first. If the reason is more negative than positive, we must ask you to leave the group.4. *** This is important to all brothers should practice. *** I use a steel rule if the auction or auction. In case of high price fish if any cause damage to sellers and buyers, such as how bad fish can not be auctioned fish? The price is not worth the price, etc. Bring me to the breakage, I ask ** allow you leave the group ** without any conditions, because after I came out of the original group. I have seen many posts that fish that are high prices are not good, not perfect silly. The high price of fish, I think it is good to trade with us that will indicate the quality of the fish we can push to equality. Foreigners, and more importantly, high-priced fish is the satisfaction between the seller and the buyer. We should respect each other. This group is a brother. Should congratulate Not bad in the bad way. Because of the mouth. People who do not like us are tight. Another case is to use other people as a tool for self-interest, such as giving close friends or other people who do not want to actually fish. But to bid for high prices. To those who really want to fight. And waste a lot of money. If we catch the truth, we invite you to leave the group as well. So I ask for permission to brothers. Every one rule this iron. sincerely5. Do not post or sell anything. (Except publicity about the contest to encourage and promote)6. *** From next week onwards in this room, I ask to post just fish auction only. Post any pictures or posts. If there is cause for damage to you. You contact me directly because of past observations. Our house grows up every day. There are many auctioneers and auction. Posts are more. I'm sorry Post only to auctions. So easy to find and follow. (Except in parentheses # 5)7. If you are a buyer. Born to get fish Then the fish was born or not, each other to the buyer is in the block to talk to the seller personally. If you talk then. Seller has no reply. Please let us know anybody before we help to track. If we followed The seller is still quiet. The buyer will be able to. Bring the store name or merchant into the group post. But the buyer. Please specify What do you want? And importantly This mistake Is between two people Because you do not. The only problem is that there are only 3 people who are traders, buyers and admins. If any of you said that. Irrelevant If we see that you have spoken violently and maliciously to the other party or person. Yo that you yourself Not knowing the truth is good enough. We will also use the absolute brand as well. (This rule applies only if the buyer did not fish straight. Dead fish is not responsible The turbulent buyer does not transfer only if the same fish. The color may not be the same here, I repeat that you may analyze yourself because there are many factors such as water, light, travel or even transfer money slowly to fish change. Here we can not control. Online shopping you want to keep your mind in half. Not good is lesson Good is trust Make sure you trust and be a regular customer, however, both parties request. Both salespeople and

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