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And I made a decision. If I was going to make this declaration, I might as well make it huge. Lay it all out there between us. I mean, he’d either avoid me the entire rest of the week or make my dream come true. Then again, things could go on exactly like they were.I lowered my hand to my lap. “I want you to kiss me,” I said. I didn’t look at him, didn’t turn my head, barely even took a breath.-----Accidents happen to Daphne Merrill a lot. So falling face-down at the feet of Carter Pruitt while on vacation miles away from home was simply another in a long list of her misfortunes. Yet what started out as the worst day ever is looking up with each minute that passes. Is it possible he actually likes her for who she is? Or is he yet another person laughing behind her back?These seven days could quite possibly be the best week of her life.Sweet teen romance by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS. 22,000 words.

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In the De Madre a Madre photonovel series, Lupe and her family and friends tell their stories about being pregnant and having a baby. In the First Week photonovel, Rosa and...

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I wish I was rich. If I was rich, my parents wouldn't need to argue every night about money. If I was rich, I could buy some nice new clothes that actually fit me. If I was...

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"This book is priceless. Contains secrets on how a man, any man...can achieve his ideal body. Bob gives away secrets." - Joyce Vedral, author of Gut Busters"Learning from a...

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Visit the big blue ocean to learn about a variety of sea life. Simple text and vibrant photographs will engage readers as they learn about the appearance, diet, habitat, and...

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For instructors concerned that the practical skills of biology are lost when the student moves on to the next course or takes their first step into the "real world,"...

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