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The story of a solitary soul living at the end of the world, continuing his daily routine of going to work in a toll booth on the highway. A terrible, mysterious sound that seems to come from nowhere is wiping out the population, and every day fewer and fewer people come by in their cars. But not everyone can hear the sound, and very soon the only survivors will be those few ‘silent ones’ left unharmed.What peculiar power does a stolen painting of Munch's The Scream exert? Why does reality become stranger and indeed crueller than fiction?The Scream begins in the twilight zone of science fiction, taking the reader on a hallucinatory road trip like no other. Reviews"... one of his most successful books. It must be approached like the other books of Graff: do not ask too many question at first reading, be content with being carried away by the style and adventures of the protagonist. In the end, you will discover that the depth of the book is inversely proportional to its number of pages. As usual." ***** Goodreads“There is no doubt about it, the writer of The Scream is an extravagant and profound story teller.” -- Le Monde des Livres"Laurent Graff's books are crazy, weird, outlandish, which makes them totally indispensable.""...blends together reality with fiction... what the narrator is really looking for is himself." -- Le ProgresABOUT THE AUTHORLaurent Graff is highly-acclaimed French author who ‘cultivates discretion and self-effacement’ and hopes to live as long as he can. His novel Happy Days has been translated into 15 languages and Johnny Depp has been trying (and failing) to make it into a film for many years.

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A la tristesse du dĂ©part de l’ĂȘtre cher et la souffrance qui en dĂ©coule, succĂšde la difficile transformation Ă  opĂ©rer. Au fil des textes, s’amorce un dĂ©tachement lent et...

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