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This print replica format preserves the layout of the print edition. This digital edition requires paper and a pencil to write out answers. The print edition includes space to write in the book.This math workbook from the Dr. Pi Squared Math Workbooks focuses on basic fraction skills. The first two chapters introduce the concept of representing a fraction with pie slices. The remaining ten chapters offer practice converting between mixed numbers and improper fractions, reducing fractions and mixed numbers, finding the lowest common denominator, comparing fractions and mixed numbers, finding reciprocals of fractions and mixed numbers, and adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions and mixed numbers. Each section begins with a description of how to perform the mathematical procedure, including fully-solved examples to illustrate the technique and to serve as a useful guide. Answers are nicely organized by page number in the back of the book to allow students, parents, or teachers to quickly check the answers. There is ample workspace for students to write large answers and still fit their solutions comfortably into the space provided. High-quality, durable, bright paper is used (instead of standard workbook paper, which often tears easily and appears dull in color).CONTENTS:(1) Determining Fractions Visually(2) Representing Fractions Visually (students color the pie slices)(3) Converting Mixed Numbers into Improper Fractions(4) Converting Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers(5) Reducing Fractions and Mixed Numbers(6) Finding Lowest Common Denominators(7) Comparing Fractions (includes fractions vs. fractions, integers vs. fractions, and mixed numbers vs. fractions)(8) Adding Fractions (includes fractions plus fractions, fractions plus integers, and mixed numbers plus mixed numbers)(9) Subtracting Fractions (includes fractions minus fractions, subtracting fractions with integers, and mixed number minus mixed numbers)(10) Multiplying Fractions (includes fractions times fractions, fractions times integers, and mixed numbers times mixed numbers)(11) Reciprocating Fractions, Integers, and Mixed Numbers(12) Dividing Fractions, Answers (includes fractions divided by fractions, dividing fractions with integers, and mixed numbers divided by mixed numbers).

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