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Having recently returned to the Hunters Legion, the Demon Hunter Gabrielle is soon to return to her duties. Events soon delay, then accelerate her doing so, when news arrives that a village has been destroyed and a Dragon may be to blame. All eyes turn to the Dragon who has allied himself with Kendrik, the Vampire King. But only the Demon Hunter believes the Dragon, who she has come to know, was not responsible. Things go from bad to worse with the arrival of elves, who have come to kill the Dragon for destroying an elfin town and army. But things are worse still, when the Dragon finally hears of all this, and takes off in search of the Dragon who has invaded his territory. The elfin army, still out for revenge, goes after the Dragon. The Demon Hunter enters the fray to keep things from getting any worse. But when the Dragon finds the other Dragon, and the elfin army catches up, another player joins the party. An old foe and one time ally of the Demon Hunter, this new member reveals something that catches everyone by surprise. Leaving the Demon Hunter to take charge, in ways only she can.

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