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Dr. Kelsey was not on a full shift today. He had a morning surgery scheduled, then had some internal meeting at the hospital, followed by a session with his “Shrink” as Suzanne Kelsey referred to her as. At least, that was the schedule Suzanne was aware of. For all she knew, he could be off with one of the hot young nurses for all she cared. She had a PI on the case, documenting all of his whereabouts and getting plenty of pictures. Building up for the divorce she was going to be dropping on him, and walking away with at least half of every single damn thing he owned.In the meantime, she was secretly free to seduce anyone she wanted. And she wanted plenty. She was not quite so young herself anymore, but she was plenty hot. She kept in great shape, ate right, worked out religiously five days a week, and all of this augmented the natural beauty that god bestowed on her in abundance. Gorgeous face, pouty sexy lips, flowing blond hair, tight body, naturally large chest, and the sass and confidence to go with it all.Suzanne was way more than just a pretty face though: sharp, funny, and cunning. She knew how to get what she wanted, and almost always did. Today, she wanted Ricky.Enrique (“Ricky”) was their landscaper/maintenance man. She supposed it was a cliche: lonely housewife going after the young, studly hired help. Hell, he was a young, Mexican landscaper for god sakes, this could be the script to a cheesy adult video...

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Descargar Libros Ebook Mark knik, en agter die blonde deur die majestieuse saal en in 'n groot sitkamer

Omtrent 'n dosyn mans - almal wonderlike - gesit en rondstaan, en 'n groot skerm was aan die einde van die kamer. Sekerlik, Mark gedink, die film te vertoon sal nie gebeur...

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The man is in love with the flames, always has been. There is something about fire that thrills him and draws him in, but now his urges have taken a darker turn and he needs...

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