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“Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.”- Edgar Allan Poe"Did you read about it, Charlie? It appears that Mr. Joe Vauxhall is desirous of selling his rather worn-out yacht to a gullible but wealthy fellow, for he has feautured a good one hundred and fifty-word advertisement, packed with a powerful barrel of superlatives, and not a word of scientific, nor mechanical specification," The voice was unmistakeably that of the svelte Mrs Joanne McAllister, the source of neighbourhood gossip, and a regular deliverer of consignments of criticisms against her relatively opulent, and consistently elitist neighbours. She and Mr. Charlie McAllister, born in thriving middle-class families, had engaged in a spur of well-advised investment and entrepreneurship over a period of ten wedding anniversaries, with the result as to which stood their Victorian House of 3,000 square feet in their joint ownership. From growing up in the outskirts of the countryside, in petty cottages, to renting out the most affordable, but least quality squats in London, Joanne had stuck it through with her husband for a decade, in the tireless ambition to be known one day as the next new money. At last, in 1983, their dream home came to their purchase after a demanding auction. Although Charlie McAllister believed his wife could be kept content, and indeed, elated with their estate, Mrs Joanne quickly forgot of her humble beginnings, and over the few months they had spent in the West Kensington Estatates, kept life a ceaseless sequence of complaints, criticisms and cutthroat social gatherings, in the belief that she was now one among 'the other half'.Mr. McAllister turned to his spouse in grim adoration, before proceeding to boil his own tea in the 19th century kitchen on the realization that it was not to be materialized by his winning looks. Unexperienced in the art of tea-making, and absolutely shocked at the contrast of flavour between 'Aristocratic Tea' and the garbage cafe brew he was more accustomed to, he respectfully poured his potion down the sink, hoping that his wife wouldn't take her eyes off the newspaper at his weak moment.

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