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For nearly fifty years "the building" has primarily been viewed as a means rather than an end within architectural history and theory. This volume presents an alternative to that trend by reconceiving it as a central discursive category in its own right. Contributors-including architects and academics from world-renowned institutions-offer insightful discussions of key architectural structures conceived in Europe, Asia, and the U.S.A. over the last three decades. In doing so they propel architectural thinking's importance as a domain of knowledge. Further, in exploring those structures through a number of questions both intra- and meta-disciplinary, this book suggests ways in which buildings can trigger conceptual frameworks whose influence extends well beyond architecture. A balanced text-to-image ratio caters to readers in both practice and academia.

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This book is part of the Webigami Crash Course series. IT REQUIRES THAT YOU HAVE A WEBIGAMI ACCOUNT. This crash course is an introduction for designers, consultants and...

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The report of a comprehensive investigation by RILEM which examines all aspects of the cleaning of facades, subject to soiling by both biological and non-biological agencies....

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Two, four, six. Look at all the bricks!Grab a hard hat and all your tools, and get ready for a construction adventure in counting! This clever, rhyming picture book leads...

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12 professional tips for gluing and using adhesives for boat building.In this 25-page booklet, I’ll reveal the 12 most-useful professional tips for gluing and using adhesives...

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Descargar Torrents International Building Code: Code And Commentary, Volume 2 Epub Gratis 2019

Master the second half of the 2006 International Building Code? with this practical resource that features detailed figures and illustrations and a straightforward writing...

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