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Painfully shy and socially awkward, Ginny avoids engaging in a world filled with "other people" as best as she can. After a failed suicide attempt, Ginny is diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and begins a journey towards improving her distraught life. In her quest to fit in among other people, Ginny studies the behaviors of her picture-perfect new neighbors, Jim and Nina, and tries her best to mimic their life skills. But, will Ginny's attempts to be one of the other people help her fit into their world, or send her crashing back deeper into the dark, isolated world she is desperately trying to escape? "Ms. O'Callan has once again demonstrated that she is a master at storytelling. Her characters' imperfections make this novel sheer perfection!" --- Catherine Wright, Bucks County Review

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Bestselling author Robert Whitlow returns with an international legal drama that speaks to critical issues of our day.“Compelling, realistic, and inspiring.” —Randy Singer,...

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Presents an introduction to the people of South Africa, discussing the long struggle against apartheid, Zulu traditions, country and urban living, family, childhood, homes,...

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FOREWORD BY BRENE BROWN and POSTSCRIPT FROM BRAIN PICKINGS CREATOR MARIA POPOVARock star, crowdfunding pioneer, and TED speaker Amanda Palmer knows all about asking....

Edo: The Bini People Of The Benin Kingdom Donde Epub

A description of the history and culture of the people living in West Africa includes information about their economy, language, arts, political system, customs, and religion

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Four hundred magnificent full-color photographs take readers inside thirty-six spectacular homes and gardens belonging to trend-setters from the worlds of music, art,...

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The author, Howell Woltz, was kidnapped by federal agents and his wife was taken hostage in an attempt to force him to help government prosecute the political enemy of a...

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