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Very few know the real story of the Tooth Fairy. Could it have started in the deep sea?It is said that the Tooth Fairy, before being a fairy, was an oyster who lived in the deep sea. Everything began when she lost her only pearl. She asked an octopus for help, the octopus asked a sardine for help, and the sardine asked a crab, and finally the crab asked a mouse for help...José Carlos Andrés is a famous author in Spain. He is a professional clown and children's theater actor. He has published The Journey of Captain Scaredy Cat, Carlota Wouldn´t Say Boo, My Dad is a Clown and Ozzy the Ostrich.Betania Zacarias is an Argentinian Illustrator and graphic designer. Her work has been published in Mexico, Spain, England, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. Her illustrations have been selected for the Bologna International Fair (Italy), CJ Picture Books Awards (Korea), and the IV Illustration Ibero-American Catalog (Mexico). She works as an illustrator and a teacher.

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